What to do when your laptop won’t turn on.

I recently received a call to repair a laptop, from a lady in Llanberis. The laptop had shut down the day before and now wouldn’t turn on. After taking a look at it, I found that the charger was faulty and the battery had simply run out of power. Once the new charger arrived, all

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Laptop screen shows inverted colours

I was recently asked by a gentleman in Llanberis to take a look at his laptop as the screen was displaying strange colours. Upon starting the machine it was found to have inverted colours – what should have been red came out as green and the whites came out as a pale blue. There was

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Ninite: The easy way to install essential apps

Anything that makes re-installing your operating system easier is a good thing in my book. Ninite is a web-based tool that allows you to download and install your favourite apps with the absolute minimum of fuss. You select the applications you want and Ninite creates a custom installer which then runs with no further input

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Lexmark X1180 Vista Drivers

Recently, I was asked by a lady in Llanberis to fix an all-in-one printer/scanner which wasn’t working, a Lexmark X1180. It was powered on, the USB cable was connected and worked and the printer appeared under ‘Printers’ in Vista. After some puzzlement and deliberation, I found that the supplied drivers disc was intended for use

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Windows could not start because the following file is missing or corrupt

A client in Llanberis recently brought in his PC which wouldn’t boot, displaying the error message: Windows could not start because the following file is missing or corrupt: and would go on to list a variety of files on different attempts. From past experience I knew that this could be a number of things: