Lexmark X1180 Vista Drivers

Recently, I was asked by a lady in Llanberis to fix an all-in-one printer/scanner which wasn’t working, a Lexmark X1180. It was powered on, the USB cable was connected and worked and the printer appeared under ‘Printers’ in Vista. After some puzzlement and deliberation, I found that the supplied drivers disc was intended for use only with XP. Even though they seemed to work, whenever a test page was sent to the printer an error message appeared.

If you are having this problem you will need to get the correct drivers from the Lexmark website here. Next, grab a copy of CCleaner and use it to uninstall the old drivers (you’ll find the uninstaller option in the Tools menu). Then, reboot the PC, install the correct drivers you downloaded and you should have a working printer.

If you still have a problem after following the instructions above you can contact us on 07543 104 833 or via the message form.