Safe and secure browsing – Get add-ons for Firefox!

One of the things that makes Firefox shine above other browsers is the eco-system of add-ons that has risen around it.  The web has become a breeding ground for businesses whose sole purpose is to watch what you do online. In this post I’ll show you my essential add-ons for Firefox to help make the web safer, more secure and a generally nicer place.

To install add-ons you will need to click on Firefox at the top left of your browser window or select Tools -> Add-ons. From there, select the Get Add-ons tab on the left and then search for each add-on using the search box top right. Select install and restart when done!


Adblock Plus removes the intrusive, flashing, moving ads that dominate some websites, whilst allowing some non-intrusive ads. It works by blocking the ads and preventing them downloading, so you save on bandwidth too!

Ghostery is a privacy tool that lets you block ad networks, behavioral data providers, web publishers, and other companies interested in your activity from spying on you as you browse the web.

  • Beef Taco (No website)

Beef Taco sets permanent opt-out cookies to stop advertising networks from profiling you.

  • Better Privacy (No website)

Better Privacy removes LSO ‘super cookies’ that store lots of information about you and cannot be deleted like a normal cookie. More details at

HTTPS Everywhere forces websites to use a secure connection whenever possible and encrypt the data flow between you and the website. Especially good if you use open Wi-Fi hotspots to access Facebook, Twitter and the like.

And Finally,

One for the more advanced users. No Script blocks Javascript, Java, Flash and other plugins from running unless you explicitly allow it. This is useful for preventing cross site scripting and clickjacking attacks amongst other things. The downside, however, is the initial period of whitelisting the sites that you trust and allow, such as your online bank.

So, six add-ons that will improve the safety and security of your browsing and get rid of noisy advertising to boot!  There are many more add-ons to choose from, however for me, these are the essentials for taming the web experience. If you found this post helpful, you may like to browse some of our others.