Setting up a new laptop

Chances are, if you bought your laptop from new or if you’ve needed to re-install recently, you have a lot of junk software installed. Trial-ware for cloud backups, anti-viruses, games, DVD burning studios, the list goes on and on. All with the intention of getting you to sign up and pay for something you would never have missed had it not been there. Manufacturers are paid by the software makers for each machine their wares are installed on. What is most galling, though, is that hardware manufacturers make such software part of the restore image partition so that when you re-install your operating system, the junk software gets re-installed with it.

My favoured technique for removing this stuff is to delete the drive and reinstall from disc. Install drivers and you have a fresh, fast system, ready to install your favourite programs on. Since the manufacturers have switched to recovery partitions, rather than distributing discs with new laptops, however, that option is unavailable unless you purchase discs. In this situation, one possible solution is PC Decrapifier.It is simple to run and once you’ve selected the programs to remove, it works automatically. It is designed to only target the trial-ware that comes with new laptops and PCs so there is little chance of deleting anything important accidentally. Once you’ve done that, head over here to find out the easiest way to get the software you really do need.

If you’re thinking of buying a new laptop or PC and would like us to install it fresh and set it up for you, give us a call on the numbers above or use the contact form here.