What to do when your laptop won’t turn on.

I recently received a call to repair a laptop, from a lady in Llanberis. The laptop had shut down the day before and now wouldn’t turn on. After taking a look at it, I found that the charger was faulty and the battery had simply run out of power. Once the new charger arrived, all was well again. The process of diagnosing this kind of fault is straightforward and in this post I’d like to share some simple troubleshooting you can do before calling in the experts.

So you press the power button on your laptop and instead of the usual noise and lights, you get a blank screen and silence. Before you panic/call for help/throw it in the bin, there are a few things you can do to narrow down, and maybe find, the cause of the problem.

The three components we need to check are the power socket(at the wall), the laptop charger and the laptop itself.

  1. Start with the power source. Make sure that the power socket that the charger is plugged into is good, either by plugging in something else, or using a socket you know is good.
  2. If the laptop still won’t start, it’s time to check the charger. Modern AC chargers come with LEDs that light up when plugged into the wall socket. If yours doesn’t and you’re sure the socket is good, you’ll need to replace the charger. If yours doesn’t have an LED, you can check it by plugging it into another laptop and seeing if the laptop’s charging light comes on.
  3. If the charger is working, plug it into the laptop and look for the laptop’s charging light coming on. If it doesn’t come on, wriggle the power socket where it enters the laptop a little. If the light comes on and you can start the laptop, the laptop’s power socket has become loose and needs to be either reseated or replaced.
  4. If the light stays off, the problem lies with either the charging board (if your laptop has one) or the motherboard. If your laptop has a charging board, this can be replaced but if the charging circuit is integrated with the motherboard, it’s normally not financially viable to replace it so you will need to visit your favourite computing retailer.

Remember, these are tips which are intended to give you a general idea of what’s wrong. For an authoritative answer, you can contact us using the contact form here or on the telephone number listed here.