Has Gwynedd overpaid for its superfast broadband?

Strange rumblings from the Public Accounts committee in Whitehall concerning BTs council contracts to bring faster internet connections to those in rural areas. BT has won all 26 contracts, including Gwynedd’s, to perform the infrastructure upgrades but has failed to provide information on which 10% of the population won’t be covered. In addition, BT has been accused of being less than open about its costs: government auditors have found that BT has committed £207m less to the programme than had been forecast, while councils have spent £236m more.

The Independent Networks Cooperative Association (INCA), which represents a number of other telecoms providers, have called for increased transparency over BTs cost and deployment plans, increased competition, open access to the new infrastructure by alternative providers, and new investment models to promote “investment, innovation and better value for money” for the £250 million that the government has added to the pot.

The PAC went on to recommend that the additional £250 million should be withheld until more stringent conditions have been imposed on BT.

Source: The Guardian