Laptop Power Socket Repair

Laptop Power Socket Repair in Llanberis

More often than not, the path to laptop power socket repair starts with a little jiggle, a bit of bending the power adapter cable back and forth to make the charging light come on.

Laptop Power Socket Repair - Broken Laptop Power Socket

A broken power socket

As time goes on you have to jiggle it a bit more and eventually jiggling it isn’t enough. Now you need to pull on the cable or wrap it underneath or round the back of the laptop to get it to charge. In not time at all you’re having to pull on the cable like you’re trying to start a chainsaw. After all this jiggling, pushing, pulling, and stretching, the power socket finally gives in and the laptop stops charging completely. Fortunately this issue is fixable.

Two Types of Power Socket

In certain laptops the power socket is attached to the motherboard by a wire harness and can be replaced by simply unplugging the broken socket and fitting the new. More often, however, the socket is soldered directly onto the motherboard. The laptop must be dismantled completely in order to remove the motherboard, which allows access to the power socket.

Remove and Replace

With the motherboard removed, we are ready to de-solder and remove the broken socket, clean up the connection holes and replace with a new one. A drop of super-glue makes the repair a bit more sturdy, though socket replacements are always weaker than the original and so need more care when in use. Once the laptop is back together again, we test for correct operation and general soundness of the repair.

If you would like to discuss laptop power socket repair further, please contact us using the details below. NorthWalesIT is a computer repair and technical support company based in Llanberis, Gwynedd. Our services include laptop screen repairs, power socket repairs, and hard drive replacements. We serve Llanberis, Caernarfon, Bangor and surrounding areas.

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