Laptop Screen Repair

Laptop screen repair in Llanberis

Is your laptop screen broken or blank? Before relegating it to the dustbin, take a look at our laptop screen repair guide, below. Just because the screen is dead doesn’t mean your laptop is.

Cracked or broken screens

Laptop Screen Repair

If your screen looks like this, call us.

For cracked or “kaleidoscope” effect screens, a simple screen replacement may be all that is required – a quick way to check is to connect the laptop to a monitor. If the picture looks okay, it’s highly likely that a new screen will fix it. We will supply and fit the new screen, check for issues and ensure that it is set to the correct resolution. Once we’re happy that it’s working as it should, we return it to you!

Dim or no picture

A dim picture, where you can just make out the picture on the screen suggests a broken backlight inverter. On older laptops, these are separate to the screen. In newer LED screens, however, the backlight inverter is built-in which means that the whole screen unit must be replaced.

Sometimes, however, the fault isn’t with the screen. If the laptop has no picture and no obvious damage, there are one or two other components which may need to be replaced.

Graphics chip issues

The graphics chip is the part of the computer that produces the image displayed on the screen. In the majority of laptops the graphics chip is built in to the motherboard and so is neither repairable nor replaceable. For higher-end laptops with dedicated GFX cards, the laptop can usually be run through the onboard chip. Alternatively, customers can buy a replacement GFX card.

The other component which can go wrong is the screen ribbon that connects the graphics chip to the screen. The ribbon usually sits next to the lid hinges and, over time, the movement of opening and closing the lid can cause the ribbon cable wires to fracture. An easy way to spot this problem is to wiggle the lid back and forth. If the picture comes back on, even if only momentarily, the chances are that it’s the ribbon that will need to be replaced.

Finally, laptop screen repairs are possible as long as replacement screens and parts are available. We source new parts whenever possible but depending on the age of the laptop, used or refurbished parts may be the only option. We always make our clients aware if used or refurbished parts are used in a fix.

If you would like to discuss laptop screen repair further, please contact us using the details below. NorthWalesIT is a computer repair and technical support company based in Llanberis, Gwynedd. Our services include laptop screen repairs, power socket repairs, and hard drive replacements. We serve Llanberis, Caernarfon, Bangor and surrounding areas.

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