PC and Laptop Hard Drive Repair

PC and Laptop Hard Drive Repair in Llanberis

When the hard drive in your PC or laptop starts to go bad, you may be lucky enough to get a warning before catastrophe strikes. It may be tempting to ignore the clicking, buzzing or grinding but these noises are a notification of intent. You should back up your data you while you still have the chance.

Hard Drive Repair - Smashed Hard Drive

It shouldn’t look like this.

First off, a warning: There may be no warning. You turn off your PC or laptop one day and everything is fine. When you turn it back on you find that it cannot and will not boot. In the event of a catastrophic hard drive failure, your only hope is to have a working backup.

Partial or Total Failure

There are two kinds of failure with hard drives: partial and total. Partial is when the surface of the platters get damaged either through age or accident but still turn and can be read (though with difficulty). Total failure is when the drive’s integrity is compromised and the platters refuse to turn and/or are massively damaged (such as when one of the heads breaks and rattles around inside for a while). Solid state drives (SSDs), which use flash storage instead of rotating discs, are particularly susceptible to total failures.

With a partial failure, the data on the non-damaged sections can often be recovered. We do this by removing the hard drive from the machine and connecting it to a working computer. Then we make a copy of the drive on which we can run recovery software to find and save your data. Once we have that we can look at replacing the failed drive and setting up a proper backup plan.

Hard Drive Types

Drives come in two types, or three depending on how nit-picky you are. Spinning disc type, flash memory type and hybrid. Spinning disc type hard drives are generally bigger (in terms of storage), cheaper, have a relatively long life but are slower. Flash memory types, often called SSDs are more expensive and volatile but are very fast. Hybrids are claimed to offer the best of both worlds: flash memory to make the operating system fast with spinning discs for data safety. The trade-off is size versus speed. SSDs are considerably quicker but can get expensive above 256GB. HDDs are less expensive at larger sizes but are noticeably slower.

PC or Laptop Hard Drive Replacement

Once we have the new drive, we install your Operating System using the activation key on the license sticker. This is an important point to make: We do not deal with counterfeit software of any kind. Each piece of software that needs a license key must have one or we will not install it. (There are free alternatives to many of the paid-for software suites such as MS Office and Photoshop. Ask for more details.) Once we have finished installing the Operating System, device drivers and software we return it to you!

If you would like to discuss PC or laptop hard drive replacement further, please contact us using the details below. NorthWalesIT is a computer repair and technical support company based in Llanberis, Gwynedd. Our services include laptop screen repairs, power socket repairs, and hard drive replacements. We serve Llanberis, Caernarfon, Bangor and surrounding areas.

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